Monthly Archives: April 2014

RLIC – Real Life Interrupted Chat

RLIC – short for “Real Life Interrupted Chat.” I’ve used this term for a couple years with the friends I chat with (usually about three a month). When you are a parent of small children, it can often be tricky carry on extended conversations with someone via any kind of chat program . Instant Messenger, Facebook, texting, it doesn’t matter.

You can be mid-conversation and then you hear yelling and find out the cat has banana smashed into his tail and the kids are both fighting over the same My Little Pony toy even though they have at least ten of them.

This has been the story of my life lately if I try to chat with someone while I’m at home. I feel a bit like if I was in the room talking with someone and then mid-sentence just sort of disappear.


The TL90x Extreme Workout for Parents of Toddlers

Tonight I invented/discovered a new workout to do with my kids. I am calling it the TL90x since it involves toddlers.

Required equipment:

  • Bouncy house with a slide
  • IKEA circus tent
  • One or more toddlers.


Stomp around chasing a toddler (two year old girl in my case) and shouting “I’m Sharptooth and I’m going to tickle you!”


Pick up previously mentioned toddler and swing her around saying “ONE! TWO! THREE!” and on the count of three, throw the toddler into a bouncy house. Do a flying leap into the bouncy house. Now jump up and down on the bouncy house until said toddler decides to go down the bouncy house slide. Jump down the slide head-first and do a dive-bomber pushup coming off the bottom. This entire paragraph describes one round of the TL90x workout.

Repeat this until the toddler gets tired of doing all this and then proceed to the cool down.


Go into an IKEA circus tent and pick up the toddler. Lift the toddler up until her head hits the top of the inside of the circus tent and say “BONK!” Put the toddler back down. Repeat until toddler decides to get out of the tent and see what any siblings are up to.